Top Smartphones In Terms Of Ai Algorithm


Today, the smartphone industry almost can not exist without Artificial Intelligence (AI). We define AI as the aspect of smartphones that allow the devices to perform “human tasks”. We can say that smartphones are smarter because of their AI algorithm. In terms of features and AI the top three smartphone rankings are the OnePlus 9 Pro, Realme GT, and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro.

We see that the top 5 smartphones in terms of AI all of them use the Snapdragon 888 processor with its sixth-generation AI engine and the second-generation sensor hub. The device engine offers excellent performance and power consumption in AI tasks. There are great improvements in this area. Qualcomm, a sixth-generation AI engine is 1.1 billion times faster than the fifth-generation, and its AI performance is as high as 26 TOPS.

For example, the OnePlus 9 Pro, offers one of the best game experiences, but also the screen can greatly improve the clarity of images through AI algorithms, intelligently optimizing 480p low-definition video with a resolution to 1080p or higher. The resolution enhancement function is adapted to the app. In the future, AI will be reflected in more hardware optimizations, and multi-scenario application is a general trend. 

Here are our 5 top preferred devices. 


OnePlus 9 Pro uses its AI technology in the camera department to make shooting better and automatic. The AI algorithm manages to separate the subject from the background. This makes the smartphone’s portrait mode extremely attractive. Users can make certain hairstyles, wear glasses, or if there are small gaps between elbows and body may find some issues with the AI capacity. In addition to the image quality, the device also uses AI algorithms to improve video performance. 


There Realme GT AI  is in the second on our list. On this smartphone, we have many tools in the settings that allow users to take full control of the Android system where AI algorithms and machine learning can easily handle almost everything for us.

The Realme GT camera app offers AI Scene Enhancement which is a sort of high-tech HDR mode that stacks several shots to output a higher dynamic range. The AI enhancement improves color saturation. The saturation of the colors reflects much better when the algorithm detects a blue sky, green grass, or buildings. The Realme GT camera comes with different modes. When AI detects that the user is capturing an image in the night, the AI automatically opts for Night Mode so this mode will not over-saturate the colors for better image output. 

3. XIAOMI MI 11 PRO – 206,958 POINTS

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro comes with an AI Master Image Quality Engine. It has four items including super-resolution enhancement, AI intelligent scene optimization, video image quality enhancement, and dynamic picture compensation. Xiaomi uses a proprietary “Night Owl” algorithm and aims to achieve a better image effect. The “Night Owl” advantages are noise reduction, handheld stability, and color accuracy and are achieved through an innovative deep learning AI algorithm. This feature breakthrough dark light visual limits and achieves a clear, bright image.

The device also uses BlinkAI to enhance the Night Mode for the video camera which mimics the human eyes using a neural network giving the image’s detail and vibrancy in just milliseconds.

4. REDMI K40 PRO – 206,842 POINTS

The Redmi K40 Pro comes with an AI Master Image Quality Engine just like the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. The engine has super-resolution enhancement, AI intelligent scene optimization, video image quality enhancement, and dynamic picture compensation. The video mode supports 100-level AI beauty adjustment but does not support local beautification. 


The Black Shark 4 Pro is the first smartphone to use Elliptic Lab’s AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY. The device comes with the 6th generation AI Engine with extreme neural processing in imaging. This smartphone also comes with a higher AI computing power, 70% faster than the previous generation. 


These days it is hard to find any smartphone without any sort of AI algorithm. Xiaomi is doing in the smartphone field the most and that’s why we have two Xiaomi phones on the top 5 list. In fact, even the BlackShark Gaming Phone 4 Pro has links to Xiaomi. This shows the company’s interest in AI technology.

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