Twitter Labs Allows Subscribers To Try Out Unreleased Features


In the last couple of days, Twitter has been testing a new set of features for the social media platform. The company is offering to try out these new features for its paid subscribers ahead of anyone else.

Twitter Labs allows Twitter Blue subscribers to have early access to new features and experiments that Twitter is testing. Between the new features is the ability to undo tweets, Reader mode, Bookmark Folders, and so on. The service is currently only available in Australia and Canada. It costs around USD 4.49 AUD / USD 3.49 CAD a month, respectively. According to the company, it will roll out worldwide very soon.

Currently, Twitter Labs subscribers can only try out two of the new experimental features: Pinned Conversations on iOS and the ability to post longer videos on the desktop. Twitter is also testing other features and will allow its paid subscribers to be the first to try out these new experiments.

Pinned Conversations will allow users to pin their favorite DMs (direct messages) at the top by simply swiping right on the message. As previously mentioned, the feature is only available on iOS. Usually, companies like Twitter, Facebook, and other test features and even release first on iOS. Eventually, they come to Android, but this process usually takes a few months.

Twitter Lab users can now upload longer and heavier videos up to 10 minutes long. For a quick reference, users of the free-standard Twitter can only upload videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.

The company is also testing new features and ads formats. The company is also working on a downvote button for replies and is testing a new change to make it easier to discover more Twitter Spaces.

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