Xiaomi Mi 11 gets Knuckle Screenshot and gesture features on MIUI

Image Credits: thome.com

Lately, the feature to take screenshots and gesture actions using the Knuckle of a finger became popular. Several Huawei and Honor devices support them. Now, Xiaomi Mi 11  joins the list.

Mi 11 is currently running on MIUI 12.0.8 version in China. This device has been spotted having the Knuckle screenshot and gesture actions. Here are the Knuckle functions below:

Double-Tap for Screenshot

Draw a ‘Circle’ with a Knuckle for Localized Screenshot(Particular Area)

Draw ‘V’ with Knuckle to perform customized actions as below:

Wake up Xiao AI assistant

Redirect to AliPay, WeChat Payment Code

AliPay, WeChat Scan

You can also long-press and drag across the screen to toggle screen brightness. As mentioned above, Xiaomi hasn’t used this feature after K30S Ultra due to problems with Patent Authorization.

Xiaomi probably will need to pay royalties too and that could be the reason for the delay in expansion across all MIUI devices. 

Right now if you live in China, try the feature by navigating to Settings->Additional Settings->Shortcut Gestures. We look forward to Xiaomi finding a way to popularize the Knuckle-based features to other devices in China and maybe to the Global version in the future.

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