Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock, an affordable display for your bedroom

Image Credits: Xiaomi

Many companies, and especially google are cashing out Smart Displays for the last years, however, there aren’t as many available as we would have hoped. The latest addition to the market is a tiny Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock, to be sold in Europe for only €50.

It was unveiled with the European launch of the Xiaomi Redmi 9T and Redmi Note 9T but while those smartphones grab our attention, to me this was much more interesting.

It has a 3.97-inch color display, and it is an ideal bedside companion. The display isn’t the most high-resolution at just 800 x 480 pixel, but it’s more than enough for quick updates and daily information.

Image Credits: Xiaomi

The Cherry on the top is the inclusion of a built-in Chromecast where we can cast YouTube videos and video content directly to the mini display. It packs in two far-field microphones that immensely improve “Hey Google” hot-word detection and will be amazingly useful to set regular alarms and timers but mostly, we do not need to tap the “snooze button” no more.

It has a cute feature called the Sunrise. This eases the lighting emitted from the display to simulate sunrise. It’s a nice trick.

There is not a front-facing camera, but there are three hardware buttons on the top edge of the Xiaomi (volume up and down keys alongside a dedicated button that will disable the display when you want to sleep}. It has a touchscreen, so on-screen controls can also be utilized alongside these hardware buttons.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock will come priced at €50 and unfortunately will be available only in white. It can connect to other Mi smart home techs such as security cameras and those linked to your Google Assistant. 

Xiaomi has not yet confirmed a release date or further global availability.

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