Xiaomi Patents An All-screen Fingerprint Scanner, How It Works


The new series of devices from Xiaomi will feature an all-screen fingerprint scanner eliminating the inaccuracies of the unlocking. The Chinese manufacturer has acquired the patent for a new fingerprint scanning technology. This enables the entire screen to detect fingerprints minimizing the inaccuracy users experience with the current under-display fingerprint scanner.

With the all-screen fingerprint scanner, it won’t be necessary to touch and hold on to a specific area of the display for fingerprints detection. Instead, users will be able to tap anywhere on the screen to unlock the phone. 


The display will feature several infrared LED light transmitters that will be available under the capacitive touch-screen layer. These infrared LED light transmitters will be above the regular AMOLED display. 

Users will need to touch the screen with a finger to scan the fingerprint on display. The touch screen will register the touch, check the position, and then the shape of the finger, then, the infrared LED light transmitters will release light out of the screen at the position and shape of the finger while the rest of the LED light transmitters will not emit light in the rest of the display. After coming in contact with the finger, the infrared light reflects back and reaches the infrared light receivers. 

Then, the technology compares this data and previously saved fingerprint information to determine whether the user is the same as the one registered. Once this verification process is completed, the user can unlock the smartphone by touching any part of the display. 

The technology is still developing, but, it will be interesting to see future Xiaomi phones adopt this technology.

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