Xiaomi’s New Concept Phone With a Waterfall Display on All The Edges

Image Credit: Xiaomi YouTube

Xiaomi was one of the first manufacturers to sell a concept phone many years ago. This time they came up with an extraordinary concept with features a “quad-curved waterfall display.” In other words, you can see a curved “waterfall” display on all four sides, including the top and the bottom.

In this model, Xiaomi took away all ports and buttons on the latest concept. Some rumors even suggest that Apple is working on a similar idea, an iPhone without ports. Xiaomi says it was done to “extend the limits to infinity” and offer “a true, port-free unibody design.” The corners were left blank and rounded to give the effect of a seamless body.

Xiaomi concept phone has not been produced yet but an internal version is circulating. The quad-curved waterfall display is the result of “countless breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology.” Xiaomi filed 46 patents for the technology that helped create this peculiar display.

Xiaomi it’s on the leading side of technology when we talk about R&D. Recently, the company released Mi Air Charge, a true wireless charging system. Previously, the company unveiled the Mi Mix Alpha phone with a display wrapping around the corners. All that being said we do not know if this new concept phone will ever go on sale. 

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