YouTube Shorts Beta Arrives at Battle TikTok

Image credit: Youtube

YouTube’s answer to TikTok has finally arrived in the US today after first being announced a couple of months ago. It is called YouTube Shorts, it’s a new feature providing a way for creators to share short-form with some tools that YouTube plans to expand in the future.

 YouTube Shorts offers controls over multi-camera segments and speed, as well as an option to record with music from a dedicated, large library

Over the coming months, as adoption picks up and YouTube works on more features. The audio library will include audio from across YouTube. 

Google posted the news today but it will take a few weeks to hit everyone in the US.

Once it arrives, it’ll show up with its own section on the main page in the YouTube app. Google says they’ve played with the idea of a dedicated Shorts tab as well. When watching a Short, you’ll now swipe vertically to jump to the next one, just like that other app I mentioned in the title.

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