Top Upgrades In iOS 15


Last week, Apple announced iOS 15 for a better iPhone experience. The new iOS 15 makes FaceTime video calls more natural and user-friendly and it launches the SharePlay sharing experience. This new upgrade comes with many other features that make it much more attractive. Here we bring you a look at the top 10 features that this system brings.


FaceTime video calls allow users to easily contact their most important people. With iOS 15, conversations with friends and family will be more natural. Will include spatial audio, today the voice of a FaceTime video call sounds like it comes exactly from the position of the character on the screen. From now on with the new microphone mode, it can separate the user’s voice from the background noise. FaceTime video calls now support the “portrait” mode, specifically designed for video calls. Users now can focus on themselves while blurring the background.

Now, when users make FaceTime video calls with friends, they can share their experiences through SharePlay. This feature can also support listening to songs with Apple Music, watching movies and TV programs all at the same time, or sharing screens to watch all App content. SharePlay can be used on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Playback control is allowed so anyone participating in the SharePlay session can play, pause or jump.

FaceTime video calls can also be used on other devices than Apple. The way of doing it is by creating a link through iPhone, iPad, or Mac and share it via messages, calendar, mail, or third-party apps. In this way, anyone can use web pages of Android and Windows devices to access them. FaceTime video calls have end-to-end encryption, conversation privacy remains very safe.


iOS 15 has released new powerful tools for users to stay focused and reduce as many possible distractions. Focus mode is a new feature that allows filtering notifications and apps based on the users’ focus needs. To stay focused, users can set up either manually (custom-made focus) or automatically. The latter will use the device-side smart technology algorithm to suggest people and apps that can send notifications to the user. The focus mode recommendations also use the user’s environment, such as working hours or bedtime.

Focus mode on an Apple device will be automatically synced to all user’s other Apple devices. If the user uses an app pr widgets to create a dedicated home screen page where he needs to stay focused if a notification enters, their status will be automatically presented in the information App, indicating that the user cannot be contacted at the present moment.


The new notification design brings contact photos and larger app icons to make it easier to identify callers and messages coming from. To reduce distraction, the new notification summary chooses non-urgent notifications for the user to see at a later time and arranging all notifications according to priority. This depends on the user’s interaction with the different apps. 

Urgent information will be delivered immediately, In addition, users will be able to easily mute an app or information dialog for the next half an hour or the next day.


The live text feature recognizes the texts in the photos through smart technology on the device. For example, users can search for and find photos on a specific book. They can also capture details of shops in the photos, and decide if to make contact. The feature uses  Apple’s neural network engine, the camera app can also quickly identify and copy current text, such as the Wi-Fi password in a coffee shop,   the name of a street, or a special landmark. Through the image queries, users can learn more about popular artworks and places around the world. 


The new system has a completely redesigned Safari browser that makes it easier to handle with one hand and highlights the content user is watching. The new tab page bar is compact, floating at the bottom of the screen, making it much easier to switch between tab pages. Tab groups allow users to save tabs and easily access them at any time on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. New features such as a customizable start page and web extensions on iOS make the Safari browser more personalized and powerful.


iOS 15’s has a new navigation and exploration methodology to take Maps a step further. The map has a global view and a much more detailed 3D view of any city. It provides more accurate and relevant and road information assisting the driver with much more traffic and road real-time information. The map app has been designed with deeper colors and much more details. 

When using iPhone or CarPlay car navigation, the new road details will allow users to better observe and understand important details on the trip. The map clearly shows everything lanes, road separation belts, bicycle lanes, and crosswalks all of them in 3D. Bus passengers can discover nearby stops and mark common routes. The Map App will automatically follow the selected traffic route, notifying the user when it is about to arrive at the destination. Users can use Apple Watch to keep track of the movement.

With iOS 15, users only need to raise the iPhone, and the Map App can generate highly accurate locations. It will also show a detailed walking navigation route using AR. 


Wallet App has been redesigned to support more key types, allowing to enter details with just one click. Om summer, Apple introduced the digital car key, BMW became the test case and was the first car company to support Apple’s digital car key. This feature allowed drivers to unlock the car with a single tap. This year, with the support of ultra-wideband technology, the digital car key is more complete. Drivers can now safely unlock and start specific cars without having to take out their mobile phones from their pockets or bags. In addition, iPhone can be used to unlock homes, offices, and even hotel rooms, through the key stored in the wallet App.

iOS 15

The ID documents in the Wallet App are encrypted and stored in a secure unit. It is this hardware technology that makes Apple Pay private and secure. Home and hotel keys and ID cards can now be put in the Wallet App, and daily locations can be unlocked with a single tap.


iOS 15 introduced additional privacy control options to protect user information more efficiently. An email has privacy protection to prevent the sender from knowing when the recipient opens the email. It also hides the IP address, so the sender cannot know the user’s location or use the location to create a user profile. The App Privacy Report registers how the App uses the location, photo, camera, microphone, and contact access permissions granted in the past seven days. It also shows which domains it communicates with only for the user and not the senders.


The weather application also has been revamped by adding a high-resolution in-app map. It also comes with new background animations that change accordingly to the weather.

The Memo app now adds user-created tags so that users can quickly categorize memos; the “@ment me” function allows members to hare memos and notify each other of important updates. The new Activity View allows users to view recent history in shared memos.


New features were added to Siri such to broadcast notifications to AirPods by letting users listen to the new notifications that appear on the screen by simply issuing voice commands.

iCloud+ not only integrates the iCloud features that the users like, but introduces new high-quality features, including hidden email addresses, HomeKit secure video expansion service, and innovative online privacy service iCloud Private Relay. 

The health app has added a new sharing tab to share personal health data with family members, caregivers, or care teams. 

The translation app adds the function of live translation, allowing dialogue between different languages ​​natural and smooth. The system-level translation function allows users to translate text anywhere on the iPhone.

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