A Few Solutions to Solve Instagram Reels That Are Not Functioning

In 2019, Instagram introduced Reels, and it rapidly became the app’s fastest-growing feature globally, with nine out of ten users watching daily.

However, the feature’s popularity does not make it error-free, as it occasionally stops working.

If you’ve had issues while uploading or viewing Instagram Reels, we’ve compiled various ways to assist you get Instagram Reels back online.

How to See and Access Instagram Reels

First, visit another Instagram account to determine if you may view its reels. If you can accomplish anything, you should also have the feature.

The Instagram Reels symbol could have escaped your notice. Below is the location of Instagram Reels within the app:

  • The Reels button should be placed alongside the Search symbol on Instagram’s homepage.
  • Anywhere in the Instagram stream, swipe right. Reels should be accessible alongside Narrative.
  • Choose the + sign. You should see Reel as one of the options offered.

How to See Reels on the Browser Version of Instagram

If you enjoy scrolling Instagram on your browser, you may have noticed that the Reels buttons have been removed from the main page. Instagram will continue to display Reels in your news feed.

To view an Instagram Reel, navigate to the account in question and click the Reels icon. This will display each Video posted by the specified username.

1. Check Availability of Reels in Your Country

Verify the feature’s availability in your country prior to attempting any other troubleshooting actions. Hence, you avoid attempting to remedy a problem that does not exist.

If you are unsure whether the function is available in your country, you can view a list of supported countries on Instagram’s help page. Where these advertisements are supported, consumers have access to Reels.

Are Instagram Reels Unavailable Where You Live?

If Instagram has not yet made the Reels feature available in your region, you have a few options if you do not like to wait.

Try using a VPN and setting your virtual location to a place where Streaming is available. There are a number of free VPN services that are compatible with Android devices. Remember to connect to the VPN each time you access Instagram if you don’t want Instagram Reels to abruptly disappear.

You might also sign up for Instagram Beta. You can test out new features, such as Reels, before they are officially released in your region if you join the Beta version. Launch Google Play and search for Instagram. Then, navigate to the area labeled Join the beta and tap Join.

For a few moments, then refresh the app and check to see whether Reels are now available.

2. Examine Your Network Connectivity

If you are unable to view Instagram Reels on your mobile device, there may be an issue with your internet connection, particularly if you see the phrase “Could not refresh feed.”

You can try reconnecting to the network to see if this resolves the issue. However, if a large number of devices are connected to the same network, you may have poor internet speeds.

Consider resetting your router to see if this resolves your connectivity issues.

3. Clear the cached data of the app

Modern applications cache data to facilitate a seamless user experience. But, if the cached data becomes corrupted, it will result in numerous issues, including the inability to use Instagram Reels.

To restore the app’s functionality, you must manually erase its cache.

  • Access the phone’s Settings menu.
  • Instagram can be accessed by selecting Apps and then Instagram.
  • Access Storage and cache.
  • Clear storage and Clear cache.

4. Upgrade to the Newest Version of Instagram

Having an outdated version of Instagram could be the cause of Reels not working. Launch the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for Instagram, and touch the Update button to upgrade the app to the most recent version available.

5. Sign Out and Sign In Again

If refreshing the app did not make Reels accessible, you may also try signing out and logging back into your Instagram account. Open Instagram and tap the profile symbol in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then, navigate to Settings and select Sign Out.

Now, log in with your credentials and verify the availability of Instagram Reels.

6. Deactivate Instagram’s Data Saver

A data saver function on Instagram prevents content from loading in advance. That may have a favorable effect on your data usage, however Instagram Reels will begin playing more slowly. But, if you surpass your data limit, Instagram Reels will stop playing on your phone.

If you believe the function is interfering with Reels playback, you can disable the data saver on Android as follows:

  • Tap the account icon, then tap Settings.
  • Navigate to Account > Mobile data use.
  • Switch off the Data saver toggle switch.

iOS follows a similar procedure. Tap the profile icon and navigate to the Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options menu. Disable Low Data Mode thereafter.

7. Use Instagram Lite

If you are continually clearing your phone’s cache and Instagram’s, you should switch to Instagram Lite.

Instagram Lite takes up less space on your mobile device and consumes less mobile data. While there are several differences between Instagram and Instagram Lite, the Lite version still supports Reels.

Instagram Lite is currently only available for Android smartphones.

8. Re Install Instagram again

If you’ve tried every remedy we’ve provided and are still unable to use Instagram Reels, you should reinstall the app, especially if other functions have stopped functioning. If you’re using an iOS or Android device, reinstalling the program should restore its functionality.

If everything fails:  Send a Report to Instagram

If none of the workarounds restored the functionality of Instagram Reels, you should contact Instagram Help directly.

  • Launch Instagram and select the three-line menu option.
  • Choose Settings and Help from there.
  • Click Report a problem. Repeatedly click Report a problem in the pop-up menu.
  • Explain the problem with as much specificity as possible. You can even include screenshots to help them comprehend the issue.
  • After completing the report, click the Submit button.

How to Resolve Instagram Reels Sound Issues

The majority of Instagram Reels lack sound because the creator muted the audio, possibly as an artistic choice to distinguish their Instagram account or because they choose not to utilize sound. If you scroll down to the following Reel and it has audio, neither the app nor your phone is malfunctioning.

But, if you detect anything out of the ordinary, the aforementioned suggestions should help you restore Instagram Reels’ functionality.

Enjoy Instagram Reels

There are a number of reasons why Instagram Reels may have stopped operating, and there is sometimes nothing you can do but wait.

But, the issue is specific to your device, and the aforementioned solutions should help you resolve it. With Reels once again operational, you may access viral material.

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