Android Apps Could Work on Windows 10

Unknown to many Microsoft and Windows have become closer to Android in the last years, mainly by using your Phone App that mirrors the Android world on Windows 10 devices.
Microsoft is looking to take further steps in a project that might take Windows 10 running Apps natively.
According to Windows Central, the project denominated “Project Latte” focuses on letting developers easily bring Android Apps over to the Windows habitat with less work. Launching could be as close as next year.
Details are unknown but, one thing is for sure and Is that there will not be any dependency on Google Play as we do not imagine Google opening that up to Windows any time soon.
Project Latte has an idea to help developers the work-around is not that difficult so this could be a major move by Microsoft
Project Latte has an idea to help developers and this could be a pretty major move by Microsoft.
The Your Phone app already does some really cool stuff, it shows your phone notifications, allows you to make or take calls, and play with some Android apps that are on your phone on another level.
The Windows app ecosystem is pretty unattractive we are eager to see which developers could find success making this move with projects they’ve already made for Google’s operating systems.
Windows 10 users, does this sound cool to you?

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