Best Android tablets for children in 2022

Every child desires a tablet, but opting to purchase an Android tablet for children is a significant step. Price, parental controls, and, perhaps most significantly, durability are all factors to consider. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is a popular choice since it has a protective bumper cover and parental controls, as well as a ton of terrific content for kids. You can monitor what your children do and not have to worry about them accessing dubious websites or web material.

Android tablets for kids that are both affordable and useful

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet Lifestyle

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition comes with some of the greatest hardware and software features a parent could want. Amazon took their top-tier tablet for children aged three to seven, equipped it with parental settings and kid-friendly content, and wrapped it in a sturdy and useful casing in lavender, sky blue, or aquamarine. While the screen size may be tough for younger kids to grip, the cover comes with a fold-out kickstand to support the tablet.

The full-HD display’s resolution of 1080p gives superb color and clarity. This is especially crucial when your child learns to read because the material will be a lot simpler. The awesome-sounding dual-speaker configuration with Dolby Atmos functionality is also retained in the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. However, if you want to reduce noise pollution in the room, there is still a 3.5 mm headphone port so your youngster may continue viewing their favorite shows.

The addition of 2GB RAM, as well as 32GB internal storage that can be expanded up to 1TB, ensures that the tablet will be more future-proof than other alternatives. Because this is an Amazon Kids version, it comes with a free year of Amazon’s Kids+ software. This includes parental controls for you as well as over 20,000 age-appropriate titles for your children. Not only that, but the tablet comes with a two-year “worry-free” warranty, which means that if the tablet breaks, Amazon will replace it. What more could you want?

Amazon Fire Tablet 8 Kids Edition 

With the Fire 8 Kids Edition, you get practically everything. The only thing missing from the Fire 8 is the Google Play Store. While this may be off-putting to some adult consumers, it is not an issue for children, especially since Amazon does such an excellent job of finding and curating material that your children will like.

The Kids Edition, on the other hand, provides advantages above the standard Fire 8 that make it worthwhile to pay the extra money. The supplied case is ridiculously thick and simply bounces the tablet when it is inevitably on the deck. Amazon provides a two-year guarantee that allows you to get a replacement if something goes wrong, and Amazon Kids+ for a year is an added plus. The 12-hour battery life is welcomed, as is the built-in 32GB of storage, which can be expanded to a stunning 1TB with an extra microSD card. It also now includes a USB-C charger.

Amazon’s parental restrictions are also rather strong. The kids can have an entirely separate experience, separated from the main tablet, where you, the adult, would have to share stuff that hasn’t already been vetted for young eyes. It’s a tablet you can actually give to your child without worrying about them damaging it or misusing it.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Lifestyle 

If you work and live in the Samsung Galaxy environment, chances are you’ll want your child to choose the same brand for their tablet because you’re already comfortable with the interface and appearance. The Tab A7 Lite is a low-cost choice worth considering for a child.

It runs Android 11 and is powered by a MediaTek CPU. It boasts a large 8.7-inch 1,340×800 WXGA+ screen and a respectable 32GB of internal storage for images, movies, applications, and more, which can be expanded up to 1TB via a microSD card. It’s made with a solid metal frame and is meant to handle the occasional bump and scratch, and at only 0.81 lbs., it’s easy to transport and hold in little toddler hands. With the dynamic One UI interface, you can effortlessly connect the tablet to other compatible Galaxy devices, allowing your child to start watching a film on the tablet in the car and complete it on your phone in the stroller, for example.

You can be amused straight now because it comes with two months of free YouTube Premium. The tablet boasts a long-lasting battery, two cameras (8MP and 2MP), and twin speakers.

The  Lenovo Tab M8

This is a strong tablet that will be ideal for children and the entire family. Every member of the family may create and use their own account, including a unique one, particularly for youngsters via the Kids Account section.

When Kid’s Mode 3.0 is activated, amusing and informative material handpicked specifically for children by the KIDOZ kids content discovery engine is brought to the forefront. It also has a browser that only displays white-listed websites that are safe to use and include age-appropriate content, as well as a scheduling tool for parents.

Parents may be assured that their children are using the internet safely and have full access to websites and other content through their accounts. The tablet is currently running Android 9 Pie, with no sign that it will be updated to the latest version of Android 10. It has a long battery life, 32GB of storage, rear 5MP and 8MP cameras with autofocus, a front 2MP camera, and access to the Google Play Store.

The DragonTouch KidzPad Y88X 7

The Dragon Touch, a less expensive competitor to Amazon Fire tablets, stands out since it comes with a plethora of attachments. This contains a kid-proof bumper cover in blue or pink, similar to Amazon tablets, as well as a shoulder strap and a matching pen.

It comes with Android 10 and full access to Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store, as well as a 7-inch IPS display and 32GB storage (expandable up to 128GB by optional microSD card). It comes pre-installed with KIDOZ, which gives you access to thousands of free kid-appropriate games, films, and filtered websites, including Disney-approved material, with no adverts or in-app purchases. While you may escape the Kids Mode, you must first obtain permission from your parents. Parents may monitor screen usage and activities, as well as filter content, to ensure their children’s safety. It boasts twin 2MP cameras, one on the front and one on the back, for taking entertaining images and shooting movies.

Should you buy an iPad or an Android tablet?

It might be difficult to decide whether to acquire an Android tablet for kids or an iPad for your child. If your family is already entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, with items such as iPhones, Apple TV, MacBooks, and so on, an iPad may be the better choice. You can effortlessly and smoothly sync data across all of your devices. You can control the iPad from your iPhone by utilizing a single Apple ID, quickly sharing material, such as images or movies, from one device to another using capabilities like AirDrop, and accessing apps via a familiar user interface.

However, iPads are often more expensive than Android tablets, particularly if you want a recent, larger-screen model. An iPad, on the other hand, may make more sense for teenagers. It’s ideal for jobs like online research, document creation using an add-on keyboard, video creation, and other creative material that may require Apple applications or the upgraded iPad camera.

An iPad may be a better choice for older children and individuals who can be trusted with a more sensitive tablet. If you’re looking for a tablet that others in the family will use for purposes other than kid-friendly apps, you might want to go with an iPad with a robust cover.

Finally, which Android tablet should you buy for your child?

Nobody knows your child as well as you do. You are the best predictor of what your child will like and benefit from. You’re also in possession of the wallet.

When it comes to the finest Android tablet for kids, though, it’s difficult to look much farther than the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. Amazon’s no-questions-asked warranty plus the sheer volume of stuff accessible for children make it difficult to beat. It also has a plethora of content handpicked exclusively for children as well as parental control options that caretakers will love. And the most recent version has been improved to run quicker and last longer.

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