Concept XPG Vault Gaming Mouse with 1TB storage worth of games


XPG has recently announced a new gaming peripheral concept. It’s a gaming mouse with RGB lighting, which doesn’t really make it any different from thousands of options available in the market worldwide, however, the company has just added a 1TB SSD storage into it.

XPG is the gaming and esports subbrand of the Chinese memory maker ADATA. They make gaming-related products, and now they are pushing the boundaries of the norm. This concept gaming mouse is called the XPG Vault Gaming Mouse, which arrives with built-in SSD storage. While mouse featuring storage is not unheard of, they usually offer small storage, the Vault takes it to another level entirely.

As the name suggests, it is a vault. Imagine your mouse being able to store 1TB worth of games making in that way all users gaming libraries portable. Notably, the company made the integrated 1TB of Solid State memory with a running 985MB/s speed. It even supports USB Type C connectivity since it is a wired mouse. With 1TB worth of storage, one can store some heavy gaming titles and even carry a good number of movies with them at all times.

Connecting to any laptop will give you access immediately, however, the company just announced this concept through a press release and did not reveal any finer details regarding this gaming mouse. It is set to be showcased during the CES 2022 event, so we can expect to catch a peek at this at the event. 

Considering that it is a concept in its prototype, it might just be a side project that never takes off and see a commercial release, but one can always expect it. 

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