Google Breaks Black Friday Tradition With Pixel 6

Image Source: Google

For the last few years, launched its new phone always a few weeks before the Black Friday shopping weekend and succeeds to sell a huge amount of devices to its fanbase. Then, they proceed to anger those same fans by dropping a big discount on the phone they just bought (at full price) through the year’s biggest shopping event.

Last 2020 they had a USD 50 off the 5 shortly after launch, USD 200 off with the Pixel 4 in 2019, and USD 150 off the Pixel 3 in 2018. The last time they did not offer a discount was with the Pixel 2, but they still offered USD 100 credit and some freebies.

This 2021, hopefully, won’t anger their 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners. The company pushed out its Black Friday 2021 preview today and the Pixel 6 is not mentioned on any forum, newsletter, or press release,

On the other side, we have a USD 50 off the new Nest Doorbell (battery), USD 50 off 5a, USD 10 off Chromecast with TV, USD 50 off Nest Hub, USD 40 off Nest Audio, and more. However, the only phone they are for the time being is the 5a.

It’s not surprising that wouldn’t discount these phones at the moment. Both devices are already at a reasonable price, and Google may not be much room for them to move. Both phones are also sold out in most colorways and storage options, and both have an extended waitlist that stretches for weeks, so there is no reason for Google to sell them at a discount.

Either way, could bring out the last-minute discount for Black Friday, but the chances seem slim for this year.

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