Google is testing a bottom bar for its in-app browser on Android

In 2020 Google changed Chrome custom tabs for an in-app browser in the Google app for Android. Though the browser looks much better the experience was sort of a downgrade since it lacked many features. Lately, Google has been working on improving the experience with a bottom bar in the latest Android beta release.

The addition of the bottom bar makes it much easier to navigate on today’s large-screen phones. It also allows the option of navigating forward and backward with some buttons.

A share button also is located in the bottom bar, and clicking it opens the standard Android share sheet. We also get a menu with access to the following options: refresh, open in Chrome (or your default browser), find in page, browser settings, and send feedback. The address bar remains at the top.

Apart from the new bottom bar, the in-app browser doesn’t look any different; there’s a close button on the top-left and a bookmark button on the top-right.

The new bottom bar will be rolling out with the latest Google app beta (v11.43).

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