Google Photos Is Releasing a ‘Year in Review’ Feature.

2020 is finally over and Google Photos has rolled out a new feature ‘Year in Review’, which will appear in the Memories carousel in the app. Year in Review will offer users a recap of the last 12 months through photos or the possibility to create or personalize a 2020 photo book through the pictures of the last year.  Usually, Google names the creation ‘Best of 2019′ or ‘Best of 2018′, but this year the name ‘Year in Review’ was given to the album, perhaps as it wasn’t a regular one.

Year in Review is located in the Memories carousel on the top row of the Google Photos app for Android and iOS users but is not available on the web version.

The option to personalize or create an annual book is by the ‘Preview book’ button. Pictures can be edited from each page. The Preview like the rest, be fully customized.

Google also added new themes for Memories that include photos of ‘the most important people in your life,’ including things like sunsets, and activities such as dining, based on the photos you upload. A new feature called Cinematic photos was also added. Google uses machine learning to extrapolate an image’s depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene, which will be animated with a virtual camera for a smooth panning effect.

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