Google TV Now With Profiles for Multiple Users

Image Source: Google

Google TV is the Android TV alternative powering Chromecast with Google TV unit, is finally getting the feature that millions of users have been asking for. 

Google recently announced that Google TV profiles are here, to give users’ entire household personalized content you experience.

With these new profiles on Google TV, Google will give each person recommendations based on their interests and preferences, access to individual dual watchlists, and recommendations based on help from Google Assistant, based on personalized tastes. 

To set up a new profile, one will need to swipe over their account icon, and then add another account, just like you it would do if trying to add a new kid profile.

These profiles will be rolling out “soon” to the Chromecast with Google TV and to TVs from Sony and TCL that also run Google TV.

Image Source: Google

Profiles are not the only new feature, Google is adding more info to the ambient mode screen on Google TV. Instead of just seeing your photos as a screensaver, Google will show you, personalized info and cards.

Some examples are Weather, news, the latest game score, and much more. Ambient mode cards will be available in the US only to start, and probably a couple of weeks later worldwide.

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