How to Improve Google TV’s Experience

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Google TV is all about likings and suggestions. These are taken from what you’re watching and the services you’re subscribed to, as well as things that you have on your personal watchlist. Google is highlighting today a few tips, to allow users to improve Google TV’s recommendation system.

How to update your streaming services

On the setting menu, users can easily add or remove streaming services they are subscribed to. For example, if you chose Netflix to follow the adventures of Star Trek Discovery be certain to add that provider to Google TV so it can suggest more titles from the service. The same goes for other providers like Disney+ and Hulu.

Make use of your watchlist

Google TV uses the titles on your watchlist to personalize suggestions for users. The best way to use this feature and help Google is by adding titles to your watchlist. For example, if you want more movies like Fast and Furious, but still haven’t seen Fast and Furious 8, add Fast and Furious 8 to your watchlist and Google will provide you some other great other action productions. And since we’re already discussing action films, if you haven’t seen Tenet starring John David Washington before, I highly recommend it.

Bookmark what you have watched

If you see a recommendation to you, but you have already seen it, click on that title and hit the “Watched It?” button. Then Google TV will suggest other movies and shows based on your history.

Rating Movies and Shows

Next to the “Watched It?” button, there is a thumbs up and thumbs down icon. There you can rate titles, and based on your feedback, Google TV will recommend additional shows and movies.

Tune-up your recommendations

This is a new feature allowing you to manually vote on titles you like or dislike. The feature shows you a series of titles and you can choose if you want to see more or fewer titles like the one displayed. 

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