Instagram increased the daily app usage limit to 30 minutes

Instagram daily app usage limit

Instagram recently adjusted its ability to set a minimum time limit for using the social network until now it was possible to set a limit of 15 minutes a day, now this time was increased to 30 minutes. It seems a  small change but it might indicate a deeper process taking place in the mother company Meta.

Users might remember back in 2018, the company introduced a special feature for some regions. When they were too busy browsing the Instagram feed they could set the period after which they received notifications to remind them to consider diverting their attention to other activities. The minimum period was 15 or even 10 minutes a day, and now it has been increased to 30 minutes. 

This interface change was released only a couple of weeks after Meta reported a drop in daily users for the first time in the company’s history. It is possible that with such a simple measure, Meta was to raise the level of user involvement.

It remains to be seen if the company will take further steps to change other tools designed to reduce dependence on its social networks.

The team of the Instagram network announced recently the launch of a new feature. Now users can simply mark “Stories” with a heart.

Until now, any response to Stories was done by a smiley face or a full response; or done by a private message to direct. Now, these systems were completely separated and worked independently from each other. Users can express their appreciation for the “History” without filling up the author’s private messages.

Needs to be noted that the “Stories” does not provide the calculation of “likes”; however, the author will still be able to see who was the person writing them.

The new feature has already begun rolling out to Instagram users.

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