Lack of Galaxy Note 21 affected Galaxy S21 sales


A report from a South Korean firm indicates that the absence of the Galaxy Note 21 has limited the sales of the Galaxy S21 series. When Samsung had skipped the Galaxy Note series in 2021 to boost expected sales of the Galaxy S21 series, those expectations were not met, according to the sales numbers for 2021. The Galaxy S21 series sold mid-20 million units, which makes it very similar to the 2020 numbers.

The report from South Korean firm The Elec points to the fact that Samsung’s strategy was not successful at all. We estimate that the Covid-19 pandemic could have played a role affecting the sales, however, several other factors could be responsible for the poor sales performance of the Galaxy S21 series. 

The report indicates that the low sales number may have been also due to production issues that prevented Samsung from meeting its targets and deadlines. 

The Galaxy S22 Ultra may well be a Galaxy Note 22 and we expect Galaxy Note fans to have a go at the flagship model.

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