Lg Rollable Phone With A Secondary Screen

Image Credit: LG

We have seen a couple of foldable phones in the market but none is like the LG Rollable. This device from LG is a class of its own as it uses a rollable display or an expandable display. It does not fold, the display gets bigger by unrolling or expanding. Teased in  CES 2021, there are rumors that the company will unveil this device very soon. LG has been applying many patents for this device showing the features of this device, the latest one explains the front camera on the phone.

In other words, this phone will not have a front camera. LG designed it in such a way that the rear camera will also be the selfie camera. 

The patent also reveals that LG will install most of the external functions (buttons, speakers, and microphones) on the left-hand side of the phone to make room for the scrollable screen.

Image Credit: LG

The device will have extremely thin edges with a round display that can increase its size by 40%, even larger than many tablets. It is done by using a rail system to make the sliding process smoother. On the back of the device, we have a triple camera setup. 

It is important to know that this is only a patent and there is no guarantee that this phone will ever see the market. In fact, most patents never see the light of day especially because of the rumors that LG will probably leave the smartphone market.

View the documentation of the LG Rollable smartphone here .

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