Motorola is setting foot on the rugged smartphone market

Image Credit: Bullitt Website

A rugged smartphone is a niche that few device makers take care of. But one firm has seemingly spotted an opportunity. Motorola is set to enter the rugged smartphone market through a new long-term partnership with the Bullitt Group.

The two firms remained extremely discreet about the details and features of the potential devices, however, the phones are guaranteed to be “drop-proof and shockproof.” If Motorola’s phones will be anything like Bullitt’s other devices, we can expect an awesome device.

Bullitt has built several rugged devices, for example, Cat phones. They have introduced some amazing innovations to the market like IR cameras. Bullitt has also released devices under Kodak and Land Rover titles in the past.

Motorola has previously built drop-resistant smartphones. The Moto Z2 Force had a shatterproof display. Although this device wasn’t quite a rugged smartphone in the true sense of the term, it was maybe his unique selling points at a time when others didn’t.

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