Must Samsung keep the Galaxy Note? Here are Yays and Nays.

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Lately, a growing number of different reports have been suggesting that Samsung is killing its Note series with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 this past August. Samsung will push all the resources used in developing the Note over to its new line of folding phones. It is rumored the S Pen stylus, the defining feature of the Note will also find its way into the Fold series.

Galaxy Note was a game-changing phone in its day setting the way for what all smartphones would eventually become. Almost every modern smartphone owes something to the Galaxy Note series. Though it makes sense for Samsung to consolidate the lineup of flagship devices, the idea of losing the Note it’s a big disappointment for lots of users.

Should Samsung end the Galaxy Note or should it keep it around? Here are some thoughts on yesses and nays for the Galaxy Note and its future.

Why we need the Galaxy Note!

  1. Because it is a status symbol. For many years, its features, avant-garde design, and technology., to carry one meant that you carried the best, most powerful phone money can buy. It was a status symbol for those who could afford it. It will be a shame for such an icon to disappear from the market.
  1. The Stylus. The S Pen stylus it’s a unique feature among smartphones. We have a handful of devices from LG and Motorola to include an analog stylus, but none have the Bluetooth-enabled power pen of the Galaxy Note. Losing the S Pen would be shameful, especially to power users. 
  1. Technology. The Galaxy Note was used by Samsung many times to show its best technological superiority mainly in its war against Apple. The phone was gifted with the most advanced chipsets, the best cameras, and powerful software to make it all work together smoothly. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus was one of the best smartphones ever, and the Note series often makes it into yearly top 10 lists on any site. 
  1. Not everyone wants a foldable phone. Foldables will not be a proper Note replacement. The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 is an amazing piece of technology that will multitask with the best of them, but it’s a wholly different game from the Note series. Moreover, the Z Fold 2 is an extremely expensive phone starting at $2,000 and it will need a new glass to support the S Pen, only adding the cost.

Why we need the LET GO the Galaxy Note!

  1. It’s similar to cheaper phones. Too similar to S. When Samsung started offering multiple screen sizes for the Galaxy S series, there was almost no difference between the larger Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note. This year, the 6.7-inch Galaxy S20 looks almost identical to the 6.9-inch Galaxy Note 20. Its internal chips were carried over from the S20 to the Note 20, with many of the camera features. This left little to differentiate between the two of them other than the S Pen. 
  1. Who really uses the stylus?. Lots of people own a Galaxy Note but how many of the owners really use the stylus?. If most of them don’t, there’s hardly a reason to keep manufacturing the phone. Samsung has the data needed to make this decision. Right now, reports say that Samsung will keep the S Pen available as an accessory to the new Galaxy Z Fold debuting next year. 
  1. It’s so expensive. Along with the big screen of the Galaxy Note came a bigger price tag. The Galaxy Note series prices skyrocketed in the last years, with some costing as much as $1600. In 2020 due to the pandemic, there is no interest in expensive phones. 
  1. Lost its trend status. Once the Note was out, all other manufacturers followed the trend and created their own gigantic phones. Now, the market is saturated with big-screened smartphones offering split-screen and extended battery life. Companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, introduced an innovative camera and charging technology to their devices making the Note 20 to lose the magic, their latest version is a lookalike to the cheaper versions of Samsung S making users lose their interest. 
  1. Foldables are the next trend in screen technology. The industry — and Samsung — have done all that can be done with screen tech. We’ve got 120Hz displays on most flagships, and the ability to watch HDR or Dolby-quality content. Foldables are the next step in evolution in screen technology and there’s plenty of room for innovation there. We saw serious advancements between the original Z Fold and the Z Fold 2, while the Galaxy Z Flip offers its own spin on things. If Samsung can make the Z Fold 3’s slimmer, it could be the Samsung Galaxy Note gamechanger we need.

Samsung has not commented on the amount of its future products and it hasn’t confirmed the latest reports that the Note is at the end of the line. We will soon. Samsung is about to launch its  Galaxy S21 soon. The 2021 Galaxy S21 series, will provide all the confirmation we need when it comes to the future of the Galaxy Note.

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