New Must-have Accessories From Baseus

Image Credits: Baseus

Baseus is a well known Chinese digital accessory brand, founded in 2011 by He Shiyou, who is more known as “CU”. The brand specializes in smartphone& car accessories and home decoration.

Baseus brand has an incredible and extensive variety of accessories that suits everyone’s needs, from chargers, car accessories, headphones, cables, holders, mini household appliances, game accessories, and much more. In this article, we are reviewing only two of the latest accessories from this brand, and after trying them we warmly recommend our readers to buy them.

Image Credits: Baseus

The new Baseus 65W GaN Mini Quick Charge is a fast travel charger with 3 USB C ports providing a high charging speed for many different devices. It’s so powerful that it can fully charge a MacBook Pro in only 2 hours. One single C port can reach 65W and charge up to 2 laptops or USB-C tablets, and one smartphone or any other device at the same time with its high 65W of charging power. It is the perfect accessory when you travel.


Latest GaN technology providing the highest charging speed for 96% of devices. Baseus 65W GaN Charger is compatible with : iPhone PD 3.0, Samsung AFC (Note10+, 20W). USB-C notebooks including Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Air, iPhone Xs Max/Xs/XR/X / 8, Samsung S10 / S10+ / Note10 and more. 

Baseus 65W GaN charger can charge 3 different devices simultaneously, the type C-1 achieves a maximum output of 65W, charging USB-c devices at the highest speeds. The other two ports can reach 63W providing the best charging for mobile devices.

It is compact and portable with a 90-degree foldable plug it is easier to store and carry. 

It has built-in safeguards protecting the device against excessive current. The charger might get hot but is well within the parameters of security.


Input: AC 100-240V~,50/60Hz,1.5A Max.

Type-C1 output: DC 3.3-11V 3A,5V 3A,9V 3A,12V 3A,15V 3A,20V 3.25A Max.

Type-C2 output: DC 3.3-11V 2.7A,5V 3A,9V 3A,12V 2.5A,15V 2A,20V 1.5A Max.

USB output: DC 4.5V 5A,5V 4.5A,9V 3A,12V 2.5A,20V 1.5A Max.

Type-C1+Type-C2 output: 45W+18W 63W

Type-C1+USB output: 45W+18W 63W

Type-C2+USB output: 5V 3A 15W

USB1+USB2 output: DC 5V 6A 30W Max.

Type-C1+Type-C2+USB total output: 45W+15W 60W Max.

Image Credits: Baseus

BaseusUSB Type C HUB Docking Station is one of the best office helpers, it is a great combination of a docking station and a phone holder. It adds a USB C charging port, a 4K@30Hz HDMI port, an SD/TF card reader, a USB 3.0 Ports and 2 USB 2.0 Ports to your phone, one can easily connect many devices to it at the same time, like a computer adding efficiency for business trips and office work.


  • It is a 7 In 1 Phone Holder Charger Docking Station : TF card, SD card, Type-C charging, HDMI, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port. It is a great combination of a docking station and a phone holder build with  aluminum alloy. It is compact but very efficient. 
  • High-speed Data Transmission: It can connect to a USB flash drive, Card reader, Mouse, Gamepad, Hard disk drive and keyboard, etc. Fast card reading, plug and read without a drive. Endless type-c power supply with 15W power. 
  • Connection with Other Devices: When connected to a mouse and keyboard, your phone can be transformed to a little computer and in that way you can edit documents much faster. With a HDMI port it can mirror the phone page to a computer and large screen projection makes office work on a mobile phone more conveniently. 
  • Highly Compatible: Compatible with all type C devices. 
  • Portable: Build with a clamshell design, easy to store and pack. With a silicone base stands firmly.


Supported ports: USB3.0*1, USB2.0*2, HDMI*1, SD*1,Miro SD*1, Type-C *1,Type-C plug*1

Type-C plug: plug into smartphones

USB 3.0: 5Gbps USB 2.0*2:480 Mbps

SD/MicroSD: Support SD/SDHC/SDXC, SD2.0 UHS-1,SD and MicroSD cards, cannot read at the same time

Type-C female: support 5V/3A(max) for charging

Type-C plug: support USB 31 GN1 5Gbps

USB port output supports: Support a maximum of 900mA output for USB3.0, support a maximum of 500mA output for USB 2.0

Supported systems: Windows 10, Android 8.0.0 and above

In conclusion: Buy them both!!

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