Nova Launcher 7 New Beta Big Update

Image Credits: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Developers have a surprise for all of us before 2020 ended. They released a limited Beta for Nova Launcher 7 and it’s a pretty big update.

It has updated visuals and animations and it seems all Nova’s code has changed.

The focus is on a new base but there are new items as well. In the first beta, we got the following new goodies:

– Swipe Down action on icons (Prime)

– Vertical paginated folder scrolling

– Radial folder icon layouts

– Search bar and Tab Bar in the drawer can be placed at the bottom

– Improved Nova search window and bar options

– Save APK popup menu action

There were a few cuts in card backgrounds and in the horizontal app drawer styles. The first beta rolled out as 7.0.2 and we are already on 7.0.7. After the first update many bug fixes were deployed, force closes have been fixed, shortcuts and gestures improved, icon shape detection and theme handling has gotten better, and scroll effects from Nova 6 were restored.

Since this new beta build is such a massive upgrade is not available on Google Play. Instead, for now, is available through the Nova Discord server. You can Click here to Join and get to play.

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