Oppo Foldable Phone Leaked Images Reveal Designs Like The 2019 Prototype


The much-awaited Oppo foldable phone was spotted on a patent website, confirming a previous design that corroborates earlier leaks. Though the design can still change, the Oppo Foldable smartphone has been subject to several leaks and speculations in the last few months.

Oppo showed off a prototype device with a foldable display back in 2019. Unfortunately, the company has remained under a veil of secrecy on its plan to release its foldable device. However, the company recently has given its fanbase an early preview of the next rollable smartphone with the Oppo X 2021. However, the launch, pricing, and other details about Oppo’s first-ever foldable phone are still unknown.

For those waiting for the release of the Oppo Foldable phone, they won’t need to wait for long. According to an earlier report, the foldable phone will launch later this month alongside the Oppo Reno7 series smartphones. However, it is worth noting that it is still unclear whether Oppo Fold will be the final name of the hotly-anticipated smartphone.


On the leaked images we can see that in the right edge of the foldable device seems to be located the power button, as well as the volume up/down buttons. There are no buttons on the left side of the device because it houses the phone\s exterior display. The device’s external folding display seems to adopt the same design as the Huawei Mate X series. The device also houses a vertically-aligned camera setup at the back with a camera setup that appears big enough to accommodate at least three cameras.

The top portion of the foldable device features a SIM tray. The device’s speakers and the USB Type-C charging port are available at the bottom. These are the only shreds of information about the Oppo Fold available at the moment. We should take these speculations with a grain of salt until Oppo officially confirms or denies them.

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