Samsung To Use Boe Oled Displays On Its Smartphones


China’s largest display manufacturer BOE will provide Samsung’s smartphones with its OLED panels for the first time. The OLED panel will be a “flexible OLED” panel. This is one of the main products of Korean display manufacturers and BOE’s supply of OLED displays will have a significant impact on the whole  Korean display industry.

BOE’s flexible OLEDs will b used on some of the Galaxy M series models appearing in the second half of this year. Flexible OLED is based on a flexible substrate. Instead of a rigid glass substrate, it uses a plastic polyamide substance that allows the display to bend. Flexible OLED is not cheap at all and it is classified as a high-end product. Its main features are being lightweight, thin, and have a high degree of design flexibility. It will be found on smartphone devices with curved edges and foldable smartphones.

BOE’s OLED displays are good but they didn’t succeed in having a niche for themselves. Most of its OLEDs are supplied to Huawei. However, after the ban on Huawei, BOE got into difficulties and needed to find another market, they did it by partnering with Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and the largest customer of display manufacturers.

BOE’s OLED will be limited to a few models in the Galaxy M series for others Samsung will be kept on buying from its previous suppliers. 

Will be seeing more cooperation between the two companies in the future. According to reports, BOE made an amazing offer to Samsung Electronics to obtain an order from Samsung Electronics. The two companies are likely to have more transactions in the future.

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