Spotify New Mini player for Facebook App

Image credit: Spotify

Spotify is launching a mini-player directly inside of the Facebook app bringing tunes directly to the platform. This means there will be no need to switch back and forth between apps to listen to all those favorites tunes and podcasts

Spotify Premium users can search and play songs and episodes with full playback directly from Spotify inside the Facebook app on iOS and Android. Spotify Free will have the same experience with shuffle mode and with ads from Spotify.

How to Launch the Miniplayer?

  • Click the “Play” button on the song you or your preffered creator shared from Spotify to the Facebook News Feed.
  • The first time you’ll see a consent dialog open it and click on “Connect” to continue.
  • When logged in to Spotify, the apps will automatically switch and playback will start from within the Spotify app. 
  • Spotify keeps playing even when you are scrolling down your News Feed, and you’ll have control over playback options so you can pause or dismiss the mini player.

This new feature will start with the US starting this week.

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