The Top 15 Offline Android Games Without Internet Access

Here are our top selections for the greatest offline Android games across all major genres.

  1. Into the Dead 2 (Shooter)

While the original game was an infinite runner with a zombie theme, Into the Dead 2 had seven chapters and sixty stages. The best aspect of the game is undoubtedly its plot: you, James, must reach your sister Helen and daughter Maggie, who are also attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse.

What makes the story so intriguing is your discussions with Helen and Maggie as they inform you about their hardships, near-death situations, escapes, and breakdowns. And if that weren’t terrifying enough, the story has many conclusions!

We’re confident that you’ll also love improving your armory of weaponry and having an assortment of animal pals assist you in slaying zombies. Despite being an offline game, Into the Dead 2 has numerous side tales, an infinite runner mode, and new events to compete in on a regular basis.

Download the sequel to Into the Dead (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Alto’s Odissey (Runner)

This appears to be just another endless runner at first glance. Yet after you’ve played Alto’s Odyssey for a time, you’ll discover it’s impossible to put down.

Perhaps it is the visuals and music. This game deviates from the norm of endless runners by providing a nice, relaxing experience. When you slide down sand dunes, leap to earn points, avoid obstacles, and perform backflips and double backflips for style bonuses, you will feel at ease.

Alto’s Odyssey may not introduce anything new to the world of runners, but it is certainly incredibly amusing. Thus, it is one of the finest free offline Android games.

Download: The Odyssey of Alto (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Really Bad Chess (Strategy/Chess)

Ignore the traditional version of chess you’re used to playing. When you’re offline, fire up Very Bad Chess and test your ability to think creatively.

While the chessboard remains constant in this game, the pieces are absolutely random. You may begin the game with three queens and one pawn, while the computer may have six rooks. It forces you to disregard what you know about chess and to think creatively.

As your rank increases, the AI’s level remains the same, but it begins with better pieces. This may be our all-time favorite non-chess chess game.

Download: Terrible Chess (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Jungle Marble Blast (Arcade)

Jungle Marble Blast is one of the top Android offline games.

Unfortunately, the original Zuma does not function without an internet connection, although many of its clones do. The game we liked the most was Jungle Marble Blast.

The graphics are not as fluid, but this is not a major issue. The gameplay is as enjoyable as ever. Touch anywhere on the display to fire; tap the beetle to switch between the two spheres of different hues. Create sequences of three or more spheres by launching them at the chain circling the map.

And whenever possible, acquire these power-ups to reverse the chain, change a significant portion to a single hue, or obliterate them.

Jungle Marble Blast fits in wonderfully with the greatest offline Android games. It is compact, extensive, and free.

Download: Tropical Marble Blitz (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Tank Hero: Laser Wars (Action/Shooter)

Tank Hero: Laser Battles does not appear in typical “offline game” compilations, despite being one of the best offline games on Google Play.

You play as the titular Tank Hero, using your laser-powered cannon to destroy all other tanks. In each stage, you must eliminate every other tank on the map. The top-down shooter allows you to operate your tank with a virtual joystick and shoot by tapping anywhere on the display.

Obviously, it’s not that easy. As you go, you will encounter various types of tanks, power-ups, and treacherous mazes that make your mission difficult. Use the fact that lasers reflect off of barriers to your advantage.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars Download (Free)

  1. Smash Hit (Shooter)

Back in 2014, Smash Hit was one of the most addictive games, and it’s still a guaranteed good time. It’s a little odd to call it a shooter, but it is one of the finest offline mobile games and my favorite one.

The game is played from a first-person perspective and requires the player to throw steel balls at glass objects to shatter them. Creating a string of successful hits and destroying all glasses yields advantages, such as an increase in the amount of steel balls that can be launched concurrently.

Continuously, you advance through levels at a sluggish pace, which quickens as you progress. You will quickly complete the game if you avoid getting hit by any glass objects. Yet, it is not as simple as it seems.

Download: Best Seller (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Sudoku 

The Play Store is stuffed with Sudoku games, and many of them also function offline. Fassor’s Sudoku is not objectively superior; it is simply our favorite and works flawlessly.

This Sudoku gets the basics right, which is sometimes sufficient. There are four skill levels and a timer to determine how soon each type may be completed. One of Fassor’s highlights is the ability to enter numerous approximate values in a single cell; however, doing so incurs a 30-second penalty.

Again, there is a penalty for checking whether you’ve solved anything correctly so far at any time. These time penalties are detrimental to your overall performance. And when you rejoin to the internet, your buddies will observe this.

Download: Sudoku (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Traffic Rider (Racing)

After leaving the Internet’s information superhighway, go to a separate virtual highway. In the first-person motorbike racing game Traffic Rider, you must avoid city traffic while racing to the finish line.

Traffic Rider resembles an unending racer in which you must go faster and faster without crashing to reach the finish line. However the mission mode really makes it more entertaining than other endless racers because you may race with clear objectives rather than aimlessly advancing.

You can also choose settings such as time trials and infinite runners. Make sure to complete the mission mode first, since this will unlock some awesome superbikes that will satisfy your thirst for speed.

If you lack 100MB of storage space for Traffic Rider, consider Traffic Racer, an earlier game by the same creator. It is also quite decent, although it is limited to an infinite runner and lacks mission modes.

Download Traffic Rider (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Swordigo

Swordigo features everything you’d expect from a classic platformer, including an engaging tale, inventive level design, a variety of adversaries with various abilities, upgradable weapons and armor, hidden treasure, magic spells, and a genuinely stunning conclusion that we won’t reveal.

Each map has a distinct atmosphere; while some are calming and homey, others are terrifying and filled with difficult puzzles, mazes, and adversaries. And this experience is complemented by the background music that perfectly complements the atmosphere of each map.

Moreover, the controls are incredibly responsive; we never had any issues while playing. You can purchase goods in the game, although it is not necessary to do so in order to win. Discover various maps, vanquish creatures, and embark on an adventure with Swordigo!

Download: Swordigo (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Crossy Roads (Runner)

Crossy Road is significantly more addicting than you’d expect and is surprisingly free despite the amount of effort involved. The style of 8-bit pixel graphics is beautiful.

You command a chicken whose sole objective is to cross the road. Touch to advance one lane; swipe in any direction to change lanes. Avoid the cars on the roads and the streams in your way, and wherever possible, make your way to the safe green grass. And you must act quickly! You’ll go insane attempting to beat your own high score.

Furthermore, despite being repeated, it never becomes monotonous, so you can play it for hours.

Download: Winding Road (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Power Hoover (Runner)

If a robot riding a hoverboard around a barren environment doesn’t sound entertaining to you, we don’t know what will. Your mission in this seemingly barren planet is to follow the trail of batteries left by the thief to restore power to your robot town, which had its electricity stolen.

The majority of Power Hover’s popularity stems from its stunning visuals and level design. Seldom do smartphone games involve flying through deserts, snowy mountains, oceans, caves, towers, and more while avoiding a variety of inventive obstacles.

The game’s idea and gameplay are quite straightforward, but as you progress through the stages, you realize that it’s not as simple as it sounds. We recommend Power Hover if you’re seeking a relaxed, entertaining way to spend time.

Download: Power Hover (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Plants against Zombies 2 (Strategy)

Plants vs. Zombies 2 was a success when it was released in 2013. While several years have gone, it remains one of the best mobile strategy games.

In PvZ2, your mission is quite simple. You have access to a variety of plants with varied abilities. Zombies intend to invade your yard and murder you. Plan the plants such that they can eliminate the zombies before they can cause damage.

Like with any strategy game, the difficulty increases as the game progresses. While the game heavily promotes in-app purchases, you are not required to make any purchases to enjoy this game.

Download the Plants against Zombies 2 game (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. lick Soccer (Sports)

Since soccer (football) is the most popular sport in the world, it is only logical that the Google Play Store is filled with soccer games. Most of them are excellent, but when you’re offline, you want to continue playing without having to wait for retries.

Flick Soccer is a game with updated graphics, accurate gameplay, and a solid physics engine that is updated annually. You only need to score goals. Swipe the ball in the proper direction to get it past the goalkeeper and defenders, and if possible, hit the moving target.

To improve your score, aim for bonuses such as extra time, double points, etc. Flick Soccer is entertaining regardless of whether you prefer limited-time kicks or precise kicks.

Download: Soccer Film 22 (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1.  Asphalt Nitro (Racing)

Unlike its siblings, Asphalt Nitro requires only 110 MB of storage space and is compatible with older technology.

Nitro is an abbreviated version of the popular, high-end Asphalt racing series. The visuals are not as impressive, but the gameplay is solid. Hop in your automobile, begin competing, and continue to improve your vehicle. There are 125 stages of increasing complexity for you to complete, giving you plenty time to race.

There are numerous excellent racing games, but they frequently require an internet connection. Asphalt Nitro fully satisfies the “free, offline, and lengthy gameplay” criterion. It is no surprise that it has been named one of the greatest free Android games previously.

Download Asphalt Nitro (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Sea Battle 2 (Board Game/ Multiplayer)

Remember the classic board game Battleship? You and your opponent layout their ships on a grid map and fire missiles at their coordinates in an effort to destroy all of them. This digital remake, Sea Battle 2, is just as entertaining as the original.

Offline, you can play versus AI and continue to improve. This game can also be played in multiplayer mode through Bluetooth. This is the only game on the list that supports two-player mode without an internet connection.

In fact, two people can take turns playing it via a single phone. Hence, even if your co-passenger does not have it installed, you both can enjoy the journey. Smartphones allow you to play different board games, but Sea Battle 2 is unparalleled.

Download: Sea Combat II (Free, in-app purchases available)

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