Tiktok Open New Headquarters In Ireland

The popular short service video company TikTok, has announced it will invest in Ireland. A report claims that the company is looking for suitable locations in Dublin. It has been told that at least five possible locations in Dublin have prospected where the new headquarters can be located. According to reports, this new headquarters will accommodate approximately 2,000 employees.

Tiktok Will Employ Thousands Of People

TikTok is looking for approximately 20.000  square meters of office space where TikTok plans to relocate its employees before the end of this year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic the specific date hasn’t been decided yet. TikTok can not relocate thousands of people meaning that it will employ hundreds of new workers. 

The Irish Irish Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, said that last month he met with TikTok executives and that the company expressed their interest to set up its headquarters in Dublin. The specific locations that TikTok is considering are the new North Wharf complex in Dublin’s financial center and the Heston South development project. Another possibility that TikTok is evaluating is the Sorting Office in Dublin South Dock.

TikTok’s Dublin office will eventually employ up to 5,000 workers locally. In recent years, Dublin, Ireland has been attracting the attention of a lot of technology companies due to their tax exemptions. Google and Facebook’s European headquarters are in Dublin. Many other technology companies such as Twitter and Microsoft also have a presence in Dublin.

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