Twitter Adds Spaces On Android Due To Clubhouse’s Popularity

Image credit: Twitter

The Clubhouse app has become a popular phenomenon in the last few weeks. The app helps to popularize a new concept that stands with live “drop-in” audio chats.

This means that anyone can drop in and talk. Clubhouse became popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerated exponentially since the start of 2021. 

The app popularized the concept of “audio chat rooms” and many technology powerhouses are running to get their slice of this cake. Facebook, is preparing Bars as an option over Clubhouse. Twitter, made Twitter Spaces and they are finally testing it on Android.


Twitter Spaces stayed only on iOS together with a host of iOS-exclusive features such as voice tweets. But, the feature already reached thousands of users, even though it’s only in “test mode” and also it seems to be reaching some Android users right now. 

Image credit: Twitter

The Android release has not been announced yet and the feature is not yet working on a stable version of the app. Rumors say that the captions are in this beta. Moreover, you can’t start your own space, only join other users’ spaces, which is kind of strange. However, it’s good to see that Twitter is working on a release of a valid Clubhouse option for its avid users.

At this moment,  Clubhouse is only available for those who receive an invite. Thus limiting the number of users on the platform. Big giants of technology are starting to release their alternatives. For that reason, we believe that Clubhouse needs to be opened to the wide public very soon.

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