WhatsApp posts trying to explain the new privacy policy

After receiving a massive backlash and considering the enormous amount of people migrating to Signal and telegram, over its new privacy policy, WhatsApp announced a delay on its new business plans till after May 2020 and reached out to its users explaining over “statuses” on the messaging app.

 Things like “We are committed to your privacy,” read the first status, then followed by “WhatsApp doesn’t share your contacts with Facebook”, “WhatsApp can’t see your shared location”, and “WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they’re end-to-end encrypted”. 

Image Credits: Whatsapp

However, the move to post status backfired as users pointed out that it was a breach of privacy. 

On January 4 Whatsapp said that they reserved the right to share some data including location and phone number with Facebook Inc and its other units such as Instagram and Messenger.

That triggered a worldwide outrage when thousands of users began installing rival apps like Signal and Telegram, pushing WhatsApp to begin a costly advertising campaign to calm customers.

WhatsApp says that the policy update does not affect the privacy of messages with friends and family, as group chats are encrypted and the changes only relate to interactions with businesses.


On Saturday, WhatsApp announced postponing their business plans until after May 2020 and work to “counter any confusion”.

I don’t think it will help, the damage has already been done.

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