You Can the Hide Punch Hole Camera On Your New Pixel 5

Image credit: Google

Yesterday, Google announced the Android 12 beta first preview, we see a new feature allowing to hide the cutout or the notch as we know it. The notch adds a black background and the status bar comes down. Now it will be possible to hide the notch and thus hide the front-facing camera. 

Access to this feature is by enabling developer settings. It is done by continuously tapping the ‘Build Number’ in the About Page. Then you will see a “you are now to become a developer in X time a developer” countdown message. Once it is done the option will appear on Settings>System>Advanced>Developer options>Display cutout.

Curiously, this feature was available on the previous Pixel 3XL and delayed only on Pixel 5. Users can choose between various types of Display cutouts including Corner cutout, Double cutout, Punch Hole cutout, Tall cutout, Waterfall cutout, and an option to hide the cutout completely.

Android 12 arrives with a bunch of new features for Pixel devices. With Android 12 the Dark Mode will feature a bluish tint that makes it less dark than before. This new Dark Mode comes with a potential downside. Many smartphone users apply ‘AMOLED dark’ themes to save battery life. AMOLED display switches off black pixels and this results in increased battery life. 

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